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Severus' Shorts

A brief celebration of Severus' birthdays!

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Celebrating Severus Snape's 50th birthday with short fan works.
Severus' Shorts

To promote severus_shorts, cut and paste the code below into your journal.

Snape lovers and short fic fanciers, I welcome you to severus_shorts!

I love short fic almost as much as I love Severus Snape. With his 50th birthday approaching, what could be better than to celebrate his birthdays? Merlin knows, he didn't have enough of them in canon. With this in mind, I've created severus_shorts.

The purpose of Severus' Shorts is two-fold: the community's first purpose is to bring together Snape-loving fen for a ficlet and drawble party, the Brief Birthday Celebration, on Severus' 50th birthday (9 January 2010); its second purpose is to host the anonymous Brief Fics Showcase, fics with one, some, or all of Severus' birthdays in a selected age-range category as their themes, from 10 January through 8 February 2010.

Anyone 18 and older is invited to participate in severus_shorts. The Brief Birthday Celebration is open to all members and watchers; the Brief Fics Showcase is open to 30 author-members of the community by sign-up.

Important Dates
 0.  Membership Opens  1 June 
 1.  Sign-Up Period for Brief Fics  15-22 June 
 2.  Category Assignments Sent  23 June 
 3.  Category Assignments Accepted By  30 June 
 4.  Brief Birthday Celebration Prompts Taken  1-31 August 
 5.  Brief Birthday Celebration Prompts Posted  1 September 
 6.  Brief Fics Due By  31 October 
 7.  Brief Birthday Celebration!  9 January 2010 
 8.  Posting Period for Brief Fics Showcase  10 January through 8 February 2010 
 9.  The Reveal  9 February 2010 

Getting into Severus' Shorts: Rules
  • Membership and Participation

    severus_shorts runs on Eastern Time and opens for membership on 1 June 2009. Membership and participation in the community are open to anyone 18 or older; participants are expected to read and understand the rules.

  • The Brief Birthday Celebration

    In an effort to include as many fen (who are 18 or older) as possible in severus_shorts, I'll be hosting the Brief Birthday Celebration. All of August, members and watchers of Severus' Shorts will be encouraged to offer prompts for drawbles and ficlets to the other members and watchers of the community in the Brief Birthday Celebration Prompts Post (one prompt per comment to the prompts post at a time, please; prompts should be related to a birthday of Severus'). Prompts will be available for claiming beginning on 1 September. Writers and artists may participate in the Brief Birthday Celebration by publicly posting drawbles and ficlets that are related to Severus' birthdays, whether or not they use the prompts given to the community (one work per entry in participants' journals at a time, please). Prompts may be claimed by more than one celebrant.

    Beginning on 9 January 2010, midnight, Eastern Time, celebrants will post publicly their drawbles and ficlets (up to 999 words) to their journals and link to them in the comments of the Brief Birthday Celebration Post (one link to one entry per comment to the celebration post at a time, please). This post will be open for comments for 24 hours, after which I'll update it with a complete list of the gifts that celebrants have given to the Snape fandom.

    Celebrants should please post each gift that they produce in its own entry under an lj-cut tag, above which should appear a standard header that includes the name and prompt of their prompter (if answering a prompt) and a link to severus_shorts' Brief Birthday Celebration Post. Celebrants may submit as many gift links (one at a time, please) to the Brief Birthday Celebration Post as they wish.

  • The Brief Fics Showcase

    The Brief Fics Showcase is an anonymous birthdays celebration for Snape lovers who embrace opportunities to write 1000- to (approximately) 10,000-word fics (fic entries must each fit into one journal post). To participate, writers will sign up to explore one, some, or all of Severus' birthdays in a particular category.

    Brief Fics may feature gen, het, or slash of any rating; they may be happy or sad, porny or plotty—they may be anything their authors wish them to be so long as appropriate ratings and warnings are issued for them.

     1.  Severus' birthday(s) from 01- to 10-years-old 
     2.  Severus' birthday(s) from 11- to 20-years-old 
     3.  Severus' birthday(s) from 21- to 30-years-old 
     4.  Severus' birthday(s) from 31- to 40-years-old 
     5.  Severus' birthday(s) from 41- to 50-years-old* 

  • Sign-Ups

    Sign-ups, from 15 through 22 June, will be screened and open to six people per category for a total of 30 participants (some spaces will be reserved). A list of participants without reference to their chosen categories will be posted in the community after sign-ups.

    When signing up, please cut and paste the following template into your comments (omit the brackets "[]" when tailoring your sign-ups):

  • Category Assignment and Acceptance

    I'll assign categories via email on 23 June. In order to verify email addresses and the intention to participate, members must reply to their category assignment emails by 30 June. Would-be participants who do not acknowledge receipt of their assignments will be replaced.

  • Submission Guidelines

    Please have your Brief Fics spell-checked and beta-read before submitting them, and also include the names of your beta readers in your headers. This information and authors' names will be removed from the headers until the Reveal.

    Please use the following template when formatting headers and fics (omit the brackets "[]" when tailoring this header):

    Brief Fics should be formatted in HTML (without paragraph tags or "curly"/smart quotes) and emailed as attached TXT documents to severus.shorts [at] gmail [dot] com by midnight Eastern Time on 31 October 2009.

  • Posting Period

    The posting period for Brief Fics is 10 January through 8 February 2010. Please do not post your fics anywhere online or discuss them with anyone other than your beta readers until after the Reveal on 9 February 2010.

  • Drop-Outs

    I ask that participants who find that they need to drop out of the Brief Fics Showcase please contact me so that I can find pinch-hitters to replace them.

  • Mod's Email Address

    Any questions about severus_shorts may be directed to severus.shorts [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Affiliations, Credits, and Disclaimers

    severus_shorts is proudly affiliated with its sister communities, hogwarts_houses and snapecase.

    Thank you, jin_fenghuang, for creating the community's artwork and coming up with the age-range categories idea for the Brief Fics Showcase. Everyone who helped me during the community's development phase also has my thanks.

    severus_shorts features fics based on characters and situations created by J. K. Rowling, and owned by J. K. Rowling and various publishers, including but not limited to: Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended by the posting of these fics.

    *Obviously, some of us interpret canon differently. Snape lives! (If you sign up for Category Five and think that Snape lives to be past fifty, feel free to write about one or more of his later birthdays.)

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