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severus_shorts' BFS Reveal!

Dear Members and Watchers,

Thank you for celebrating Severus' birthdays with us! The Brief Birthday Celebration was loads of fun, and it was delightful to see so many variations on our community's theme in the Brief Fics Showcase. Getting into Severus' shorts has never been so much fun! (I had to say that one last time; you know that I did. *g*)

We had games, too. leela_cat won Guess-the-Pairing, and duniazade won Guess-the-Author. Thank you for playing, ladies!

I also owe thanks to:

And now without further ado, I present you with the BFS Reveal!

 1.  Severus' birthday(s) from 01- to 10-years-old 
 2.  Severus' birthday(s) from 11- to 20-years-old 
 3.  Severus' birthday(s) from 21- to 30-years-old 
 4.  Severus' birthday(s) from 31- to 40-years-old 
 5.  Severus' birthday(s) from 41- to 50-years-old* 

Master List of severus_shorts' Brief Fics Showcase
Brief Fic
 1.  themoreyouclean  One  The Pocket Watch 
 2.  lilyseyes  Two  His Hogwarts Letter 
 3.  angela_snape  Three  More Than Acceptable 
 4.  methleigh  Four  Masters and Friends 
 5.  eeyore9990  Five  How The Dead Celebrate Birthdays 
 6.  jin_fenghuang  One  The Price of a (Rabbit's) Name 
 7.  the_minx_17  Two  Arbitrary Use of Numbers 
 8.  flaminia_x  Three  Mr. Pitiful 
 9.  dickgloucester  Four  The Janus Rose 
 10.  chiralove  Five  The Winning Move 
 11.  irenacandy  One  Wizard in Training 
 12.  leela_cat  Two  His Father's World 
 13.  nimrod_9  Three  An Accounting 
 14.  lillithj  Four  Scenes from a Birthday 
 15.  alisanne  Five  One Year at a Time 
 16.  scarletladyy  One  Lemonade 
 17.  duniazade  Two  A Rowan in Winter 
 18.  dreamy_dragon73  Three  His Sanctuary 
 19.  unbroken_halo  Four  A Little Slap And Tickle 
 20.  shiv5468  Five  Too many stirring rods (and not enough cauldrons) 
 21.  stasia  One  Fall From Grace 
 22.  florahart  Two  A Nice Symbol of the Relationship 
 23.  astopperindeath  Three  The One Thing I Can't Have 
 24.  midnight_birth  Four  Happy Birthday, Indeed 
 25.  bethbethbeth  Five  Rebirth-Days 
 26.  psyfic  One  The Best For Last 
 27.  inspired_ideas  Two  A Glorious Future 
 28.  eeyore9990  Three  The Best Birthday Present Severus Never Knew About 
 29.  perverse_idyll  Four  No Room for the Weak 
 30.  venturous1  Five  Things I Never Planned 
 31.  leela_cat  All  Meeting Severus Snape 

You've done our Potions master proud!

All best,

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